Best Online Casino Bonuses: How to Get Started

Never before have online casinos offered players such a wide range of bonuses as they do today. Indeed, it is nearly impossible to find a site that doesn’t lure players in with endless opportunities to have fun at the house and, with luck, make some easy money.

Someone might think that …

… it is much easier to find a decent offer today than a couple of years ago: at least due to the tough competition on the market, casinos have to fight for every customer.

While this assumption is partly true, a tempting generous offer may have a drawback: following the abundance of bonuses can be a thorny path, and the reality may not look like the desired picture.

Savvy gamblers remember the days when they could literally print money making the most of the endless flexible bonuses offered to newbies at online casinos . Unfortunately, those days are behind us, primarily due to the overuse of generous offers by some players.

Today we see the opposite extreme – casinos not only know how to protect themselves from unethical players, but often go too far , creating some kind of impossible mission, doomed to failure in advance. So the modern player has to put in a lot of effort to find the right bonus that suits her / his gambling style, preferences and bankroll.

Nobody wants to get stuck …

… in an endless stream of hands with no real chance of meeting wagering requirements, right? No one wants to end up with a winnings that will be forfeited due to convoluted rules that even their author cannot understand.

To avoid the confusion that will cost you wasted time at best, read our informative and helpful overview of the current situation in the amazing world of casino bonuses.

Learn how to tell good deals from dishonest tricks and make the most of your time and money. In general, all bonuses in online casinos can be divided into two main categories: deposit and no deposit. We will tell you all the ins and outs so you know the truth.

Welcome / Sign-Up Packages
New players only
Free Spins + Match Bonuses for first several deposits
Great way to fuel the bankroll

No Deposit Bonuses
Designated for all punters
Risk-free chance to win
Excellent opportunity to test different games

High-Roller Bonuses
Wide choice of high-stake games
Truly exclusive offers
Increased withdrawal limits

Live Dealer Bonuses
Access to both high- and low- limit tables
Multilingual Live Croupiers
Authentic Vegas atmosphere

Mobile Casino Bonuses
Fully mobile-optimized experience
Games for Android and iOS devices
Extra treats for downloading a casino app

Loyalty bonuses
Birthday giveaways and personalized rewards
Lower wagering requirements and higher cashout limits
Slot, Blackjack, Video Poker, Freerolls

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